Paint Brush Advise


Paint Brushes Advice.

Pay the extra!

Do not buy your paint brushes from places like Wickes, B&Q or Homebase they will not last 5 minutes and the finish you will get will be terrible, and you’ll end up throwing them away after. Some paints can even melt plastic handles if they were to come into contact with them.

Buy your brushes from designated paint retailers like Brewers, Crown trade centers, Dulux decorators centers or Brookers. (All websites are on our links page). As with anything in life you get what you pay for, this is no different with paint brushes. Good quality paint brushes use better quality bristles that will not shed bristles like a budget paint brush but hold more paint in their bristles. On good quality brushes you will get a better handle made of wood, this is more comfortable to hold and to work with than cheap plastic ones. The brushes you should be looking for are Purdy, Harris, Harris supper or Hamilton. A Purdy 2” MONARCH ELITE brush will set you back about £8-£10 and will last the average D I Y enthusiast forever. A Harris supper 2” brush will set back about £5- £8, both have Rustproof stainless steel ferrules.

Top tip.
When buying brushes from trade counters ask what sort of discount they can give you. If paying by cash or buying in bulk you’ll sill be able to save some money.

The right size for the right job.
1 and 1”-1\2” brushes are good for cutting in around hard to reach places or fiddly areas. 2” brushes are used to cut in walls prior them being painted with a roller. Large brushes like 3”, 4” and even 5” these are ideal for large areas for mainly wood work i.e. wood paneling or garden fences. We would not advise the use of these types of brushes on walls, as a roller is easier, quicker and gives a more even paint distribution along the wall, unless you or the client are wanting to accomplish a brush finish.

Paint Brushes - Synthetic Filament or Natural Bristle?
Natural bristle (Animal hair). Horse and Chinese boar hair is the best. Harris suppers are natural bristles these are great for all types of work because as the brush decreases in size due to use the brush can be used for different things i.e. cutting in glass on a door or window. Synthetic bristles are made from polyester, nylon or a combination of the two, and lasts a lot longer than a natural bristle brush.

Paint Brushes - Specialist Use Paint Brushes
There are so many types brushes picking the right one will improve the final result and reduce the time spent painting. Masonry Heave duty handle and bristles Sash Varnish Ask the retailer what you will need the brush for and they will advise you on what brush will best suit you, the job and your desired affect.

Brush care.
If using water borne paint Emulsion or varnishes wash out immediately after use with clean cold water only to remove all the paint. Do not use hot water as this will damage some kinds of brushes. If using oil based paints if not storing in a Brush Mate wash immediately with turps/white spirit to remove all the paint and then soapy water. If this is all to much for you get in Premier Painters and Decorators to complete your project, we work in a clean and safe environment, we’ll be able to complete the job quicker, and give you a better finish. So contact us to day.


1-1/2”, 2” and a 3” Purdy MONARCH ELITE